Meet our Video Production Intern!

marisaJoin us in welcoming the newest member of our team, Marisa Kriska, our first HandsOn Video Production Intern and up-and-coming filmmaker from the San Diego area.

Marisa aims to use her knowledge of filmmaking to help spread awareness about our work and inspire others to do their part to help their community.

Her films range from documentary to music videos to the artfully experimental. Her pieces have been shown in a number of exhibitions and granted awards like the curator’s choice award from the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

A recent graduate of UCSD’s Visual Arts program, Marisa has a passion for not only film and volunteering, but a love for coffee, film photography, and cats. She enjoys spending her time discovering new places to document on film as well as going out to try a new kind of coffee.

Expect to see Marisa at a variety of our projects gathering footage for videos about HandsOn San Diego, individual projects on our calendar, days of service, and more! We’re so excited to see what life she will bring to our site through added visuals of our impact on the community.

Check out Marisa’s video portfolio here.

Check out our YouTube channel where our new videos will be posted.


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