Bringing Light to Projects with Team Leaders

Making a difference in someone’s life can be accomplished in many ways, including kindness extended from volunteers to those who need compassion the most. One way to improve the community as well as assist individuals on a personal level is to become a Team Leader. In this position, you are able to coordinate between volunteers and the event heads so as to see the impact of each project across various boundaries.

For Team Leader Karen Anderson, the position is “a great opportunity to take on a leadership role as a volunteer”, further expanding her positive experiences with HandsOn San Diego. Karen finds it “fun to see volunteers return to projects and to meet new volunteers each time”, emphasizing the capacity for Team Leaders to make long lasting connections with the volunteers they lead each project.

Operating as a Team Leader also allows for you as a volunteer to broaden your horizons. Joan Sadorf, a Team Leader who has been with the organization since the beginning, has found that, when volunteering with HandsOn San Diego, “you can do whatever you feel comfortable with or try out something different to see if you like it”. The diversity of projects allows for experimentation in the type of volunteering that work best for you, and the direction you take can often times surprise you.

By stepping into the leadership role of Team Leader, Joan has “met many interesting, incredible people who are all helping for different reasons but mostly because it feels right”. Volunteering can bring together diverse people who work for the greater good of the San Diego community, opening up personal connections amongst volunteers that are just as important as the work done on the project.

Just as volunteering can help you give back to the community around you, it can make positive impacts on your life at a personal level. No matter what position she’s in, Karen Anderson sees volunteering as something which “makes the whole day brighter and [she] ends the day with a smile”. Whether you’re looking to increase leadership experience or give back in a new way, becoming a Team Leader can make your time with HandsOn even more rewarding. New applicants are always welcome and help ensure that the organization can provide the level of care that each project deserves.

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