New Site, New Look

After months of worry and excitement, at midnight on March 13th, our new website went live. We checked our emails that morning expecting a flood of messages reporting glitches from the change. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a disaster waiting in our inbox and we were thrilled to start this new chapter for our organization.

Our site and calendar are powered by HandsOn Connect. HandsOn Connect was created in partnership with Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, incorporating the network’s vast experience with volunteer management to bring nonprofits the most flexible solution available on Salesforce.

The new design of our site was a result of an upgrade that allowed our platform to be faster and more mobile-friendly for our volunteers. A big part of our mission is making volunteering more accessible to San Diegans so we were very excited about the site’s increased mobility.

The upgrade had been in the works with our team for over a year, and we are still fine-tuning it. So we would love to hear your feedback and help you through any glitches that arise. Feel free to contact us at

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